High quality of our products is result of cutting edge technologies, motivated team of professionals, perfect management and continuous R&D process. Please take a look at some pictures from our manufacturing plant.
Equipment:  Metal sheet bending hydraulic press with CNC 
Operation:  Bending of metal sheets
Equipment:  Guillotine shears with CNC
Operation:  Metal sheets cutting out
Equipment:  Plasma cutting machine for metal raw 
Operation:  Cutting any forms of metal products
Equipment:  Coordinate punching press 
Operation:  Holes punching, perforated sheets manufacturing
Operation:  Powder coating
Equipment:  3D wire bending machine 
Operation:  Wire billets and finished wire products
Equipment:  Spot welding machine 
Operation:  Wire welding
Equipment:  Planish-cutting machine
Operation:  Wire coils straightening. Cutting into bars
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